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"Extremely fast, always reliable, quick to tackle a challenge & available around the clock."

Ryan P.


"To a job well done, Elizabeth did a magnificent job captioning Chapter 10 of the NBC show HEROES. I thank you all for your great work, it makes a great difference!"

Jessica R.

Mayo Clinic

"We have a number of people and companies we partner with in the video group at Mayo Clinic. I can’t think of any of the others that I feel as comfortable with as I do with Caption Max and the great team you have there. I know that when I send a program up to you, it will be handled right, and what I get back is flawless.

Rich Busey

Magical Elves

"Dependable, personable and always on time. I wouldn't go anywhere else"

Webb W.


"I wanted to say thank you for the continued great work and excellent customer service you have provided us for the last 3 seasons. The CaptionMax team is great to work with, very friendly and responsive to a client's needs.

"CaptionMax makes the captioning process easy and efficient for us because we know you always meet our deadlines and do an accurate job of captioning our show. Keep up the great work!"

Tim M.

Image Entertainment

"CaptionMax is our 'go to' company for all our subtitle and closed caption needs. For DVD, Blu-ray or broadcast master, they take care of all our titles fast and efficiently."

Lynn K.

Wolf Films (Law & Order)

"Thank you for all your hard work with all the the different projects we've thrown at you lately. All three of the Law & Order series are working like clockwork, and your turnaround times are excellent. Without a doubt, CaptionMax is my go-to company for all things captioning and subtitles. This last project, When You're Strange a documentary of The Doors, you helped create our German subtitles for the Berlin Film Festival. It was a battle, as picture was changing constantly, but your staff handled the changes with aplomb, and gave us exactly what we needed, quickly."

Mark D.


"The experience of dealing with all the folks at CaptionMax has been truly painless. You guys are about the only thing that has not gone wrong or presented major headaches. We continue to be impressed with your professionalism"

Carl G.


"Thank you so much for the splendid job you did on Close Captioning The Suitor. Your fast turn-around time was impressive and made sure I was able to deliver the show before the deadline.

"A very big THANK YOU to those at CaptionMax that made this possible."

Mary S.

Kappa Studios

"Thank you so much for the quick turnaround on this. We were late getting the tape to you due to technical problems encountered by the production house. You were still able to turn this job around in the original time frame and we were able to make their shipping deadline.

"Thanks for all the hard work on this and other shows you caption for us."

Agency for Instructional Technology

"We're an educational media company that has been working with CaptionMax for almost a decade now. CaptionMax consistently delivers the very best quality captions and now – though their own design – expertly enhanced DVDs. The quality of their work is, quite frankly, better than what our staff can do and we are picky, picky, picky about our captions! When you know a teacher might turn on the captions just so students get practice reading, it is very important that they are everything is spelled, placed, and paced correctly. It's clear that the staff at CaptionMax care deeply about how the work they do really enhances the experiences of viewers/listeners."

Joanne F.

Bruce C., La Grange, IL

"Matthew's captions on October 3, 2006 for Law and Order – SVU were quite excellent! There were no typos or missed words and the captions were in complete sync to the actors speaking. I enjoyed the show very much, mostly because of these fine captions."

Tami M., Mystery Creek Productions

"You guys are fast, thanks Emily. I'll be in touch about my new series...Thanks again, you guys bailed me out more times than you know!!!!"

Bradley David Productions

"Thank you, Sandy for all of your hard work on this season of My Classic Car, Corbins Ride On and Texas Hardtails. We could not have turned around this season as fast without CaptionMax."

Seth M., New Britain, CT

"I have seen some really terrible captioning jobs. However, I loved the work you did on HOUSE. Thank you. Your work made this episode more enjoyable for me. Keep up the good work."


Transcript arrived last night, great customer service and timely.

Michael M.

Kaye L., Producer

"Thank you so much for all your excellent work. As always, it's a pleasure to work with all of you at CaptionMax.

"Thank you again and thank you for the great service!"


"Just wanted to let you know what a great job Laurie did today. She's quick with a high rate of accuracy, and she's a pleasure to work with.

"CaptionMax has a strong team, and we look forward to other opportunities to partner up. We thoroughly appreciate your willingness to tackle a last-minute assignment, too."

Sharon S.

NASA eClips

"We can't thank you all enough. Your wonderful support was an essential component of the success of the program launch."

Shannon V.

Staci B.

"HI! I am a 38 year old hearing impaired woman...the only way I can really enjoy TV and get the full idea of what is going on, is with closed captioning.

"I was watching a show the other night, at the end it said, 'captioned by Katie at Captionmax'. I have to tell you that her service was perfect. She typed everything perfectly and in a timely made this show so easy to watch and understand.

"Many times, the typing is gargled letters and numbers and you cannot make out what is being said, or there are skips. But not this time – I just wanted to say: GOOD JOB and thank you very much!!"


"I grew up with parents who thought that TV did a better job than they did, and I think they were right. About 5 years ago I started watching TV with the captions on so I can decode what that one word was, or get the actual name of a character and I haven't gone back since. My family owns two DVRs and we leave on the captioning on the big TV. To date, CaptionMax has been the only captioning service to actually Get It. By that, I mean to correctly and accurately put on the screen what is being said/told. Other services summarize, CaptionMax dictates. My hat is off to you, Holly Rose, for captioning my Law and Order. I sleep better knowing you take time out of your life to make sure the dialogue is typed accurate."

Sue S.

"Just wanted to compliment you on your fine captioning work! I often watch TV with the captions on, and you do a flawless job. Other captioning I've seen uses misspelled words, has missing words, or mangles the words and sentences. It's a pleasure to watch TV shows that have CaptionMax captioning."

Michelle R.

"Thank you seems hardly adequate to express my gratitude for your mission at CaptionMax to make the world an accessible place. What you do each day makes all the difference to my family and the children I serve, and I am so grateful."

Ilana D.

"I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job of captioning. I'm not deaf or hard-of-hearing, but my parents are. I've grown up with captioning most of my life and I've come to appreciate it. I pay attention to who captions what movies and TV shows and what company provides the best quality. Captionmax is always the best. I've never caught a single misspelling, the timing is perfect, and you caption most of my favorite shows. All captioning companies should strive to match your example. I want you to know that all your efforts are appreciated and not just by the deaf community. Thank you for working so hard to provide captioning."

Amy C.

"Fantastic! I found you guys because your website looked more professional than the others...and you haven't disappointed. Great service all along the way. It's been a pleasure working you."

Brian D.

"I want to thank all of you at CaptionMax for an awesome job this season. We hit you with varied schedules and tight turn-arounds and you got the job done every time. It is a pleasure working with people that are professional, and can go with the flow of production. There is a reason why I love working with CaptionMax, and it all boils down to the people. You are the best there is in your field, and it is my privilage to work with you.

Karen C., NBC

"Amazing!!! Thanks CaptionMaxers for the extremely tight turn around with this episode and jumping through all kinds of hoops to make it happen. Very impressive!!!"

Heather W.

"Thanks so much for putting the extra time and effort into captioning sounds and adding speaker names when it isn't obvious to the viewer who is speaking!!"


"No Question, just a THANK YOU...As a 'hard of hearing' person, I've been using closed captioning to assist me in the enjoyment of television for about 10 years. Some Closed Captioning companies just don't get it... Deaf people DEPEND on close captioning to understand TV shows...You guys do such a great job, that when I see your name I turn off the volume and simply enjoy the show without the sound interferring...Thank You, you do so well for so many..."

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