Fun Word Friday: An Aleatoric Arrangement

Posted by Emma on June 24, 2011 at 8:33 am. Fun Word Friday

by Kirsten Dirkes

zeugma: the use of a word to govern two or more words or phrases; a Greek word meaning “yoke”  Example: “He took his coat and his leave.”  People who use zeugmas in their speech are very clever, so you’re going to want to remember this term and be all, “Oh, good use of a zeugma” if you want to impress them back and be regarded as a worthy conversational rival.

aposematism: a warning signal, such as coloration, possessed by a harmful living organism to deter predators.  It’s all very well and good for a poison dart frog to kill the predator that eats it, but how much better would it be if the predator knew ahead of time, due to bright coloration, that the frog was poisonous and could therefore avoid it?  Good for the predator.  Good for the frog.  Not so good for the next dull brown frog the predator encounters, but we can’t all be winners.

gueridon: a small, ornate table.  And that’s about all there is to say about that.

phugoid: motion of an airplane in which it pitches up while decreasing speed and pitches down while accelerating.  Speaking of airplanes, did you know they display aposematism?  See their sparkly and noticeable ascent into the air?  That’s a sign you shouldn’t get on one.

aleatoric: random, happening by chance.  Once again, I display massive skill in writing this column, because although these words seem to be disconnected and random, they are an aleatoric arrangement and thus perfectly showcase my final term, aleatoric. I totally planned that.

A Call for Quality Captions

Posted by Emma on June 15, 2011 at 8:39 am. Captioning, Consumer Advisory Board, Subtitling

CaptionMax has a dedicated Consumer Advisory Board with experts in all kinds of accessibility. As guest bloggers, we ask our board members to share their accessibility stories or voice their concerns.

by Carl Jensema, Ph.D.

Photo of a guitar with captions "lively guitar music"

Tonight my wife and I sat down to watch Country Strong.

I don’t know who captioned it but they gave a textbook example of how not to do it.  The whole movie is about music, but NONE of the music was captioned.  The dialog was captioned and then when someone started singing there would be no captions at all for several minutes until the song was over.  Extremely frustrating.  I stopped watching the movie.

We’ve had captioning since 1980 and some caption companies still haven’t figured out how to do it!


Fun Word Friday: List ‘o Words

Posted by Emma on June 10, 2011 at 8:22 am. Fun Word Friday

by Kirsten Dirkes

At first glance, it may seem that these words have nothing in common and that I threw them together without bothering to come up with a theme.  But that accusation just doesn’t hold H2O.  There’s a special bond between these words, a bond as special as Mr. 007.  (You’re going to understand these terrible jokes in a minute.)  I hereby present several interesting words all linked by the very significant and meaningful fact of having two Os.

Barracoon: a temporary barracks used to contain slaves or prisoners.

Moon gate: a circular opening in a wall, used in Chinese architecture.  You don’t want to put one of these in your barracoon, however aesthetically tempting it may be, because your slaves and/or convicts will run right out.

Gobo: (shortened from “goes before optics”) a device placed in front of a light source to control the shape, color, or strength of the light stream.  If your prisoners are really mean guys, what would be really funny is to use a gobo like to make it look like there’s a moon gate in the wall and watch them run into it.  Ha ha!

Cocotte: a small baking dish with one or two handles.  (Or a prostitute.  Hopefully, context will help you determine which of the two is meant.)  On the other hand, if your prisoner is a friend that you’re holding for his or her own good, it would be a nice gesture to serve your friend a delicious hotdish in a cocette.

Hooligan firm: a group of people who really like their soccer team and who have decided that this warrants acts of vandalism and assault against other teams’ property and supporters.  “Hooligan firm” is a pretty silly name for something violent, but fortunately each group has given itself a fierce-sounding name to instill fear in the hearts of the opposition.  Examples: City Service Firm, The Naughty Forty, Newcastle Gremlins, Baby Squad, The Ointment.  Well, they’re English; even the criminals show a little restraint.

Tech Time: Start of Program vs. Start of Video

Posted by Emma on June 8, 2011 at 8:39 am. Captioning, Techy

Are you just starting out the video world? Did you know that there can be a difference between the “start of program” and the “start of video”? That difference can be very important to your caption timing!

The Start of Video is the first frame of the video file.

The Start of Program means the first frame of the actual show itself. There could be some packaging (10 seconds of black and bars/tone) before the of the start of the program.  For broadcast video, this frame is usually 01:00:00;00.

When it matters:
1.  Master tape: When sending us a master tape, we will use the start of the program to time our captions or subtitles. Normally a tape will have that extra packaging, so the start of the video won’t actually be that important to us.

2. Web files: When you send us a .mov, .wvm, .flv, .mp4 (etc.) for web captioning, the start of the video is important. We time our captions to with the start of the video because there is no timecode to read and the start of the video becomes our anchor point for all caption timing.

Happy timing!

Captions and YouTube

Posted by Emma on June 1, 2011 at 8:47 am. Captioning, Techy, YouTube

Now you have a fancy YouTube page and you’ve gone to all the work to add captions. How can you make sure that they’re easy to find?

It’s easy, you can force the captions on. This is our option of choice on our CaptionMax YouTube page. It’s easy to do and worry free!

Playback Setup
*This tip only applies to your own personal, or corporate, YouTube page.

- Log-in to your account. Navigate to your Account Settings page.
- Select the Playback Setup. This is the menu allows you to adjust your video playback settings, adjust captions, and adjust annotations.

Graphic of the Account Settings Page. Naviate to the Playback Setup section.

This option will ensure that whenever captions are present on your videos, they will automatically default to ‘on.’ After all, you’ve done all that work, you might as well show it off!



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