Top 5 Accessibility Problems with Facebook

Posted by Emma on October 18, 2011 at 10:31 am. Consumer Advisory Board, YouTube

Man with his head on his laptop keyboard and raising a white flag.

CaptionMax has a dedicated Consumer Advisory Board with experts in all kinds of accessibility. As guest bloggers, we ask our board members to  share their accessibility stories. Ardis Bazyn is an inspirational speaker, writer, and coach. She owns Bazyn Communications and has written many books on image building for businesses, organizations, and churches. She has a new book called Success Simplified on sale now. Take it away, Ardis!

I have accessed Facebook with both its regular site: and the alternate site for cell phone use: I have found both to be less accessible than many other websites. Since I use a screen reader that reads the text to me, I use the arrow keys to move through the various options on the website and do not use the mouse. On the regular website, it is difficult for me to do the following steps in particular.

1. Finding the specific links I want.
The links aren’t always clearly labeled or in an order that is intuitive, and often, I click on the incorrect link.

2. Getting back to where I was on the page after I’ve clicked on a link.
When I click the back button, it jumps to the top of the page rather than to where I was previously. It goes to the top of the page whenever I take any action. For example, if I add a friend, it goes to the top of the page and I have to scroll down to find other friend requests.

3. Finding my profile easily.
Often I see several links for profiles, so clicking on my own profile isn’t always easy.

4. Uploading photos easily.
It is not clear where to upload a photo.

5. Entering information to a group or group page.
I often think I have the right edit field and I start writing in information. I  can’t tell if it is correct when it says to post it.

In order to use some functions more easily, I often use the site. Even though I can read messages more quickly and don’t have to arrow through many links which aren’t useful to me, I can’t access features I would like to use.

To learn more about Ardis, and get some helpful tips on your communication, check out her website and newsletter.

Consumer Advisory Board Meeting 2011

Posted by CLeininger on October 5, 2011 at 8:17 am. Captioning, Consumer Advisory Board, Movies, Subtitling, Video Description

Welcome to CAB 2011.

We had another successful Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting. The weekend was packed full of movie watching, interesting presentations, and invaluable discussions. Enjoy some of the photos of our meeting.

Joya Bromeland, Timothy Smitley, Josh Miele, Jordan Richardson, Ardis Bazyn, Michelle Rich, and Cathy Lyle.
Our fantastic board members. Joya Bromeland, Timothy Smitley, Josh Miele, Jordan Richardson, Ardis Bazyn, Michelle Rich, and Cathy Lyle.

Cathy and Kate talking at while getting coffee.
We started with some meet and greet. Cathy (Board Member) and Kate (Video Describer) grab some coffee while chatting about last night’s movie.

Mike Hanson talking about his Appalachian Trail Hike.

Mike and Josh discussing the hike.
Our guest speaker, Mike Hanson, presented stories from his experience on the Appalachian Trail Hike. Mike is a blind attorney who hiked the trail in 7 months; he is very amazing and inspiring. Check out his facebook page for pictures and videos. We can’t wait to see the documentary!

Lunchtimee in the cafe.
Lunch break in the cafe.

Mel and Jess presenting captioning examples.
At our meeting, we discuss different captioning situations. Our board members review our choices and give us feedback.

Jeremy presenting video description samples.
Our board members also review samples of our video description. This is why we have the best description in the business.

A thank-you to our board members.

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual meeting. Thanks to our staff, who made the meeting a great success. Now it’s time to plan for next year.



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