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Posted by Anna on November 13, 2013 at 6:15 pm. Captioning

It’s no secret that CaptionMax adores its staff.  We feel extremely lucky to employ such an incredible group of talented, unique and fun individuals.  It’s what sets us apart and makes our products the best in the industry.  Every once and a while, we like to showcase a particular member of our staff.  We hope you enjoy getting to know more about the fabulous people who make CaptionMax faster, better and nicer.

How long have you been working at CaptionMax?

Facebook tells me I’ve been at CaptionMax since March 2012, and I have no reason not to trust Facebook.

What do you do at CaptionMax?

I came up from the captioning floor into the relatively new post of Customer Service Representative (CSR). I’m sort of like a sea creature newly adapted to living on the land: I am awkward but excited.

Basically, I field calls and emails from people who want captioning, audio description, or whatever other services we provide. It’s part sales, part education, and part advocacy. Also, I write stuff on a whiteboard, like “synergy” and “you’re gonna be a feast.”

What do you like most about working at CaptionMax?

The nice thing about working for a smaller company like CaptionMax is that there’s always weird stuff that needs done. This year, I got to design the holiday card. Here’s a preview:

Sorry to be a tease, but I can’t reveal what the polar bears are so impressed by just yet. It’s sort of a “Do Not Open Until Xmas” situation.

What was your least favorite job?

I’ve been blessed with all sorts of awesome jobs: comic shop, old-timey soda shoppe, multiple libraries, and waiting tables at the home of the best grilled cheese in Minnesota.

For about three months, though, I was a telephone operator. People always ask, “Telemarketer?” and I say, “No, I was the person who answered the phone when you dialed 0 or 411.” The hours were often grueling (one of my coworkers sniffed nail polish remover to stay awake), and the interactions often involved me being berated for things I had no part in. I was accused of sitting around with my thumbs up my *** because someone’s phone bill was wrong (“Sir, I can assure you that my thumbs are on my keyboard”), and one woman kept calling back after midnight to find out how old I was and where I lived and how good a match I would be for her daughter (all while her daughter was yelling in the background, “Mom, just hang up the—no, Mom, he doesn’t—Mom, I’m fine. Hang up the phone.”)

Where is your favorite place to visit? Why?

In a small sense, I am never unhappy when visiting a restaurant who deals in pizza.

In a larger sense, I grew up in rural central Texas and the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, and I’m still awful fond of both those regions.

What do you do to relax?

I’m pretty boring, so I like to cultivate that part of me when I’m not at work. I like to sit around and read. I really enjoy walking. Sometimes I combine these two activities in exciting and dangerous ways.


  1. You are really funny! Great read:)

    Comment by Louise | November 14, 2013 @ 9:09 pm

  2. Holiday card so dope.

    Comment by Young Clawhammer | November 15, 2013 @ 5:15 pm

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