Want To Know What It’s Like To Caption The World Series?

Posted by Anna on October 28, 2016 at 10:33 am. Captioners, Captioning
Lori smiles and holds a baseball next to the CaptionMax sign

Lori smiles and holds a baseball next to the CaptionMax sign

This year, CaptionMax has the privilege of live captioning the World Series.  We wanted to give a glimpse into what that experience is like, so we asked Lori, superstar live writer responsible for game 2, what it’s like to caption one of the biggest nights in baseball.

Obviously you’re a Twins fan, but do you have a favorite between Chicago and Cleveland?

I really wasn’t sure which team to root for because it’s been so long since either team has been to the World Series, much less won the World Series. Now that the series is tied 1-1, I can pretty confidently say I’m cheering for Cleveland.  It’s really cool that the Cubs are in it, but I’m an American League girl through and through.

How does captioning baseball compare to other sports?

I grew up watching baseball from age 6 or 7. So I’ve always kind of felt that compared to captioning other sports, baseball is my native language.  I know the vocab. Also I just love the way baseball sounds, which is a plus considering how closely we have to listen when captioning.

The pace of baseball is a little bit slower, so I get a chance to catch my breath or look something up. On the flip side, other sports have more action or are higher scoring, which tends to make doing a game a little more exciting. Hockey and basketball games fly by.

Does captioning the World Series feel much different from captioning other events?

I don’t even know what the audience size is for this series, but it’s definitely high-profile, so that means ultra prep: former players, details about past World Series games involving these teams, a larger pregame/postgame panel.

In a regular game, they don’t often televise the anthem or the 7th inning stretch, but in this case we need to be ready for that, so who is singing for the current game and even the previous game or next game in case they get mentioned.

Is there any other event that would be as or more exciting for you to caption?

This was definitely a blast. Something as or more exciting? The inauguration probably.

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