FCC Report and Order

Closed Captioning Quality

On February 20, 2014, the FCC unanimously approved new, more comprehensive rules for TV closed captioning that went into effect March 16, 2015. These rules ensure that deaf and hard of hearing viewers have full access and will apply to all television programming with captions. While this is great news for consumers, we know our clients may be concerned about how to stay compliant with these emerging regulations. CaptionMax helped draft the captioning vendor best practices and can guarantee to our clients that we are in compliance. Below is a summary of these best practices. To view the complete Report and Order on Closed Captioning Quality, visit the FCC's webpage.

Standards of Quality

This FCC order adopts new standards of quality for accuracy, synchronicity (timing), program completeness, and placement of closed captions, requiring that captions be:

Video Programmers

Captioning Vendors/Captioners

Exhaustive list? Yes. Intimidating and practically unattainable? No! Not to CaptionMax.  We built our business on the principle of providing the highest quality standards in the industry. We've been adhering to these standards for 21 years- Without a mandate!

In addition to having a cutting-edge technical operations center and expert support staff, our production team is headed up by industry veterans who sought employment with CaptionMax because of our commitment to quality.  They screen, train, and evaluate all of our captioners.

Our decades of experience and established internal systems will ensure that your captions are first-rate and comply with all FCC standards of quality.

IP Clips

Stay ahead of the curve! Rolling deadlines for compliance with captioning IP clips begin January 1, 2016.

All "straight-lift" clips will have to be captioned as of January 1st, 2016. By January 1, 2017, montages of clips will also have to be captioned. Live and near-live clips will have to be captioned as of July 1, 2017, but with a grace period of 12 hours for IP captioning live programming after airing on TV and an 8-hour grace period for near-live programming.

The mandate applies only to clips from programs that were originally captioned on TV, and only to sites owned or controlled by that TV distributor. It also does not apply to any library programming that predates the compliance deadlines.

To find out more about how captioning IP clips can be incorporated into your workflow, contact your CaptionMax representative.


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