How do I turn off video description?

image of black remote control with SAP
button circled in upper right corner

Who is that second narrator?

Video description is available for many programs on the secondary audio program, or SAP. If you are hearing a narrator describing what is on screen, you are hearing video description, and that means your television or TV receiver settings have been changed from the primary audio stream to the secondary audio stream. Maybe a kid was playing around with the remote control, or perhaps there was a software update that changed your settings. I promise that CaptionMax did not reach into your home and turn on video description just to mess with your head!

Try your Menu, Setup, Options, or Settings button to bring up an on-screen menu of Audio settings. To turn off description, change the audio channel to English, Audio 1, Audio A, or something along those lines.

Some remotes have a dedicated button for changing the audio channel, which makes it easy to turn on and off (though it also makes it easier to change it accidentally). Look for a button called SAP (circled on the picture at left), MTS (which stands for Multichannel Television Sound), LANG, or AUDIO.

If your TV signal is routed through a VCR, it's possible that it's the VCR that has SAP functionality turned on, though that's somewhat rare these days. Usually it's your cable or satellite box.

If you're still having trouble, check the manual for your television or receiver.

Here are some links to instructions for specific television providers:

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