Realtime Captioning

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IP Closed-Captioning for Live and Near-Live

We have the answer!

  • Starting March 30th, 2013, all live and near-live programs that are broadcast on television and displayed on the internet must contain captions. No worries - CaptionMax has you covered! We can provide you with all the files you need for total FCC compliance. Need realtime captions in Spanish and English? We can do that! Here are some of the file types we can provide:
    • xml
    • dfxp
    • scc
    • SMPTE-TT
    • srt
    • smi

    For more information, visit the FCC website and check out our list of important dates.

    CaptionMax is 100% iCap compliant, and we offer the fastest and highest security realtime service in the industry with our Rocket™ Realtime Technology.

Experience Counts With Realtime Captions

When a program is captioned live, the caption writer only has one shot to get it right. That’s why it’s imperative that you select a caption provider with the right experience. CaptionMax’s realtime caption writers are specially trained court reporters who type at a rate of 225 - 275 words per minute and have thousands of hours of on-air experience. They prepare ahead by researching your show and adding program information such as names, terms, and lyrics to their computer dictionaries before the broadcast even begins.

Our realtime writers access the live transmission of your program through a state-of-the-art satellite feed or a phone-line audio hookup via modem or IP address. Every realtime captioning session is closely monitored throughout the feed from one of our facilities. Our technical experts provide quality control with only one goal in mind: to produce top quality work and extraordinary customer service.

    • competitive rates
    • technical support (24/7/365)
    • English & Spanish (separate or together)
    • multiple delivery configurations: traditional modem(s), iCap, IP or combination based on your requirements
    • scheduling flexibility (urgent requests)

The Captioning You Want, When You Want It

Whether your program is ten months or ten minutes away, CaptionMax has the right captioning style and service for you. Our proven track record with broadcast and cable networks and corporate and educational companies means you get the best quality captions possible at a very competitive price.


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