Rocket™ Realtime Technology

Rocket: Realtime Technology

What is Rocket?

Rocket™ is a secure, flexible, software-managed data traffic solution. It blends a unique combination of state-of-the-art hardware and innovative software designed to champion the future of live closed captioning data distribution. Created for CaptionMax by Emmy Award winning EEG Enterprises, Rocket™ is in a class by itself.

Unlike any other system, its nucleus is constructed with encrypted Internet Protocol data distribution. A hub-and-spoke configuration provides scalable connections, reduced latency, data file capture with time-stamping, and full data reporting. Rocket™ is made for tomorrow, as the realtime world rapidly adopts new high-reliability, high-security distribution protocols. This revolutionary appliance provides best in class system management, reporting, logging, and monitoring for all connectivity.

What can Rocket do for you?

Rocket™ provides extreme reach, flexibility, security, and reliability, offering:

  • The ability to accept all inbound data transfer protocols: IP connection, legacy dial-up modem connection, or on-premise
  • Automated pooling and management of all outbound data transfer protocols: IP connection, legacy dial-up modem connection, multiple modem connections, or a blend of IP and modem connections
  • The ability to supply outbound data to a secure IP password-protected platform
  • On-site server redundancy with database synchronization and an automatic failover system
  • 500-meg dedicated fiber line with scalable redundant fiber line
  • Complete power redundancy with uninterruptible power supplies and auto-sensing transfer of power to our on-premise diesel generator

Not only is Rocket's server private, offering you the highest level of security available, it is on-site at our Minneapolis headquarters and easily accessible to our expert team of realtime coordinators. When a caption writer goes through us, we have the ability to monitor, edit, and repair all of their connections, allowing them to focus on writing while we make sure your captions get to the right place.

In a nutshell? Rocket gives you the quality realtime service you need, faster and more securely than you ever thought possible. To find out more about how your broadcast can take off with Rocket, call CaptionMax today.


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