Here at Captionmax, security is our top priority. We have implemented sophisticated measures, both physical and digital, to ensure that any project that enters our premises, from public government hearings to the most sensitive documentary series, is protected from end-to-end. We pride ourselves on our dedication to data security, and we are happy to say that our production offices have been assessed by the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) to ensure that we follow through on our promises. We constantly evaluate our security posture and regularly monitor and test our own systems to ensure that our protocol is up to par.

At the end of the day, security is a journey, not a destination. But with Captionmax, you’ll always be safe for the ride.

Our Physical Security Measures:

  • Critical operations are supported by full power redundancy, including an integrated and managed commercial grade backup generator, so we never go dark
  • Our rigorous employee on-boarding process includes background screenings, NDA signatures, and physical electronic key card access controls.
  • All of Captionmax’s production spaces are monitored by an array of cameras, with extended recording retention and timecode synchronization with access control system.

Our Digital Security Measures:

  • Multi-layered network, perimeter, and endpoint security
  • Enterprise-class firewalls and persistent threat monitoring means your data will only be accessed by those who are working on it
  • Continued penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and annual risk assessments; ensuring our security posture always improving.
In order to ensure best practices in content security all around the world, the Trusted Partner Network (created by the Motion Picture Association of America and the Content Delivery and Security Association) is a global directory of studios and service vendors that have passed their stringent security audits. By becoming a member of TPN, Captionmax joins a nonpareil group of organizations that treat security as a top priority.

For Captionmax to join, TPN assessors had to audit all of our processes and investigate every aspect of our physical and digital security to ensure the security of any content that comes through our doors. By joining this prestigious network, we hope to continually provide our clients the peace of mind that any media sent our way is safe and secure from start to finish. Captionmax is committed to demonstrating our excellence through our proven processes and our continual satisfaction of our clients.