Captionmax Enters the Entertainment Globalization Association

Captionmax is excited to be a new member and supporter of the
Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA)!

The Entertainment Globalization Association is committed to ongoing research and study to better understand how the entertainment industry best meets the complex demands of a global audience. The EGA aims to be the leading resource for insights, outreach, education, and standards related to globalization topics and the media localization industry.

The EGA recognizes that, “Localization is an artform that allows stories to break through the confines of language and bring joy to millions of people every single day. It’s the thread that stitches together stories from around the world and brings warmth and comfort to those consuming them.”

Captionmax looks forward to supporting and participating in the Entertainment Globalization Association. With offices in Minneapolis, New York, and Los Angeles, our staff of 100+ employees provide media and entertainment clients with a comprehensive suite of accessibility services, including live captioning and subtitling in more than 100 languages and multilanguage post-production captions, subtitles, dubbing, and audio description. With our TPN-audited facilities and nearly 30 years of experience delivering quality accessibility and localization services, Captionmax provides a unique perspective and ability to accommodate complex and dynamic global media workflows.

Captionmax is committed to the effort to “make media accessible to anyone, anywhere” and EGA’s mission is “elevating the art of global storytelling.” We look forward to a partnership that will further both of these goals long into the future.