Live Caption Web Conferencing Spotlight: Webex

Adding live captions to a web conference might sound like an easy task, but as many organizations have found out in recent weeks, that’s not always the case. Fortunately, there are a few such platforms available that are more live caption-friendly than others.

One worth showcasing is Cisco’s Webex.

Webex offers a slew of telecommunication applications, including video conferencing, web calling, event scheduling, and team training. What separates Webex from other popular web conferencing platforms – at least when it comes to accessibility – is its simplified accommodation for live captioning.

For starters, while many platforms require a caption encoder in order to ingest and display remote live captioners’ data, Webex’s core offering, Meetings, streamlines the process by opening a closed captioning window within the meeting which the rest of the participants can easily follow along with.

Here’s how Captionmax can live caption your Webex meetings:

1: From your meeting, choose “Share Multimedia…” from the share menu.

2: Captionmax will provide a unique URL when you schedule your live captioning service. Enter your URL in this pop-up.

3: A display of the closed captioning transcript will appear in the bottom-right corner of your meeting for all participants to view.

Integrating Captionmax’s live captioning into your Webex Meeting is a straightforward solution for remote-working organizations with accessibility in mind. Because as it turns out, adding live captions to a video conference sounds easy – and sometimes it actually is.