Live Captioning for Commencement

Over the past decade, many educational institutions have taken steps to increase the accessibility of their commencement ceremonies by adding live closed captions. Typically, a dedicated captioner is on-site, captioning the commencement address and names of the graduates on a large screen for all to see. In an effort to provide maximum accessibility and include those who cannot attend in person, many schools have made the decision to also stream commencement ceremonies live over the internet.

The boom in virtual graduation ceremonies comes with some great accessibility benefits, like simplicity of setup for both in-person and virtual, customization of caption settings to match branding, and more. Here’s how live captioning for commencement works:

Easy Setup

For most commencements, we utilize our external URL captioning service for on-site caption display. Once we have an audio feed secured, we’ll send you a web address that links to the page where our captions appear. This external URL streams captions in real-time to the on-site screen.

Optimize Captions to Show School Pride

The external URL captioning solution comes with a fun benefit: you can customize the look and feel of the caption settings, such as background and font colors to match your school’s branding.

Simple Integration

Another great aspect of our external URL solution is the ease of integration with a livestream. Simply send the URL along to your virtual registrants and they’ll have closed captions going alongside the live feed on their own screen. This URL is easily accessible from any device and web browser, and can be adjusted to match your school’s guidelines with password protection, if necessary.

Alternative Integrations & Embedding

If your live stream workflow includes a platform like Webex or Zoom, or if you’re hosting it with encoders on-site, we have options to connect via those mediums and get you high-quality, accurate closed captions.

Live captions can also be embedded into the video player through social media streaming platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

So what do we need from your school to caption your next commencement ceremony?

  • A clean audio feed
  • An accurate list of names to ensure correct spelling
  • Information on other concurrent commencements (if applicable), so we can ensure that you have the correct URLs going to the right ceremonies.

Yes, it really is that easy! Send your graduates off with the gift of knowledge, experience, and accessibility. Ensure your students, faculty, and all of their family and friends can access such an important moment in their lives. Reach out to to talk about how your educational institution can add live captioning to your next commencement ceremony and ensure you’re not leaving anyone behind.