Audio Description

Audio Description

What is Audio Description?

Audio Description makes the visual content of any media accessible to blind and low-vision audiences. Description is the act of adding a secondary audio track that describes actions, settings, and other visual details so that blind and low-vision audiences can have the same experience with media as someone who is fully sighted.

Describers write a script consisting of vivid and succinct descriptions, timed during natural breaks in the dialogue and other audio. Narrators then record voiceover of those descriptions to be mixed into the soundtrack, creating a descriptive audio track that can be selected by the user.

What is Expanded Audio Description?

With Expanded Description, a video editor inserts pauses at key points , giving the describer more time to convey a full picture of the scene. This process extends the duration of the video, so it’s best suited to web-based content. If your video has constant dialogue with few natural pauses, then it is a good candidate for Expanded Description.

What is Live Audio Description?

Realtime audio description provides live narration of a program’s visual content as it occurs. Realtime audio description is a growing service in the accessibility world, as more and more organizations are providing for their blind and low-vision constituents a full audio description of their live media.

What is Text Description?

Text Description (also called a descriptive transcript or media alternative) is a document that includes both description of a video’s visual content and transcription of the audio. It is an alternative to the primary media, designed for use with screen readers or refreshable braille displays.

Who benefits from Audio Description?

  • Media and Entertainment: Television and movies, as well as creators of online videos
  • Business: Training videos, marketing materials, pre-produced company-wide messaging
  • Government: Training and public messaging
  • Education: Commencement events, student and faculty content, marketing videos

How does Captionmax help?

  • Our talented staff of writers, editors, voiceover artists, and audio engineers will script, record, and mix descriptive audio in-house.
  • We pay close attention to detail when writing our description scripts, emphasizing the visual elements that are most important to understanding and enjoying the content.
  • We choose the narrator whose voice best suits the content and review each recording thoroughly, emphasizing smooth delivery, correct pronunciation, and appropriate tone.
  • We can provide a broad range of deliverables, including mono, stereo, and 5.1 descriptive audio mixes, standalone voiceover tracks, and videos with the descriptive audio mix embedded.
  • We offer quick-turnaround timing in English, Spanish and French Canadian. Need it in another language? Captionmax can also provide other same-as-source language pre-recorded audio description upon request.
  • Need something simple? Or, have a style guide that is 500 pages long? No problem. Our technology-supported flexible workflows can be designed to meet the most basic or complex client needs.
  • Compliance with accessibility requirements such as WCAG 2.0 Level A and WCAG 2.0 Level AA, and Section 508.

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