Jetstream Express

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What is Jetstream Express?

Jetstream Express™ is Captionmax’s powerful live captioning tool for delivering accessibility directly to your audience.

Jetstream Express is a user-friendly software system that delivers captions in real-time for any event you aim to make more accessible. End users are given an event-specific URL provided by Captionmax, enabling your audience to see, and customize, captions for their event.

Features of Jetstream Express:

  • Add a welcome message in the Jetstream Lobby for viewers who come to your event early
  • Utilize the Zoom and YouTube integrations to seamlessly add captions to some of the most popular platforms
  • Add a password to your event for increased security
  • Provide for translation into over 110 languages
  • Allow for branding customization such as font color, screen color, font type, and more