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What is Realtime Audio Description?

Realtime audio description provides live narration of a program’s visual content as it occurs. Realtime audio description is a growing service in the accessibility world, as more and more organizations are providing for their blind and low-vision constituents a full audio description of their live media. Realtime audio description verbally communicates the key visual components that able-viewing audiences of the content would see – settings, critical plot actions, facial expressions, on-screen text, and more – so that no one misses a thing.

Who benefits from Realtime Audio Description?

  • Media and Entertainment: Live television, sports, and news; broadcast special events; theater performances
  • Business: High-visibility events, training, and development
  • Education: Events, commencements, and lectures
  • Government: Special events, training, and development

How does Captionmax help?

  • Captionmax’s cutting edge technology offers top-quality audio description streamed live to your network or event.
  • Our full in-house staff is on-call to accommodate all of your Realtime video needs.
  • Captionmax invests time to ensure our creative video audio describers are highly trained, skilled, and creative.
  • Need something simple?  Or, have a style guide that is 500 pages long?  No problem. Our technology-supported flexible workflows can be designed to meet the most basic or complex client needs.
  • Compliance with accessibility requirements such as ADA, WCAG 2.0 Level A and WCAG 2.0 Level AA, and Section 508.

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