Live Subtitling


Live Subtitling

What is Live Subtitling?

Multi-language Live subtitling is a form of live translation into more than 100 languages. Delivering important information in a viewer’s native language aids comprehension and retention of information. Working with Captionmax for your realtime subtitling projects means our accurate subtitles deliver the maximum amount of understanding for the viewer.

Who benefits from Realtime Multilanguage Subtitling?

  • Media and Entertainment: Live television and news broadcasts
  • Business: Live webinars, conferences, and training sessions to international employees
  • Government: Live town hall meetings, live community events with non-English speaking constituents
  • Education: Live lectures and campus events for non-English speaking students

How does Captionmax help?

  • Captionmax can provide multi-language live subtitling in more than 100 global languages, and we can deliver to virtually any platform or user.
  • We can translate content from English to other languages, or from another language to English – and offer highly secure workflows to ensure confidentiality.
  • At the end of each program or event, Captionmax can provide a transcript in the native language.

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