Pre-recorded Subtitling


Pre-recorded Subtitling

What is Pre-recorded Subtitling?

Multi-language Subtitling adds translated text to your pre-recorded video to make it accessible to speakers of most any language in the world. Captionmax uses only in-territory, native-speaking resources to create an accurate representation of your content for circulation to a global audience. Effective localization accounts for all factors to promote understanding, including accurate translations of names, pop culture references, local customs, and linguistic norms. Choosing Captionmax for your next subtitling project ensures that the original content’s meaning and vision can be accessed by a global audience.

Who benefits from Pre-recorded Localized Subtitling?

  • Media and Entertainment: Television and movies with international audiences
  • Business: Recorded events and training sessions for businesses with global employees
  • Government: Town hall meetings with non-English-speaking constituents
  • Education: Lectures and campus events for non-English-speaking students

How does Captionmax help?

  • We know it can get complicated. Captionmax is experienced in managing the complex process of multi-language subtitling projects.
  • Captionmax is committed to using in-country, native speakers to make your content truly local. We consider every factor to ensure your content is culturally accurate and reliably communicated to viewers.
  • Our seamless workflows will provide you with a top quality finished product, whether your company is experienced in broadcast specifications or is navigating through its first video localization project for online viewing in multiple countries.
  • We can meet all subtitling formats and provide voice-over or dubbing as required to meet the target destination needs.

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