The Captionmax Picture Wall

With one facility looking out at vibrant downtown Minneapolis, MN, and another looking over the beautiful Verguo Mountains of Glendale, CA, Captionmax team members enjoy the sights and sounds of their very different office locations.  But one feature that both offices share is it’s Picture Wall.

The Captionmax Picture Wall is prominently displayed in the office café at each location and is comprised of fun individual photos of all of our team members. Not only are our team members experts in the field of accessibility services, but they are also creative, curious, and passionate- just like our core values. One of the ways our employees are able to weave that creativity into their office life is through their photo on the picture wall. Some bring in a prop- be it a musical instrument, a book they enjoy, a funny outfit, or another creative item. Or, some team members showcase one of their passions or hobbies from outside of work.  Giving our team a space to showcase their personality, interests, and hobbies in the office allows everyone to bring their passions with them into work.

It also fosters teamwork and camaraderie, too, giving people a chance to learn something unique about someone they work with and place trust in every day.  Truck Morrison, Captionmax CEO, says, “One way to bring our multiple departments and geographies together was by launching the photo wall, which helps build relationships and connections throughout the company.  But the picture wall is more than just pretty faces! We want our team members to share some insight into who they are.  Seeing how they take their photo gives us all a little taste of what makes that individual tick.” 

Morrison said, “We are a people driven business.  While technology plays a very big role in how and what we provide to our clients, nothing happens without a team of highly trained professionals interacting with our clients and providing creativity and perfection to our work.  We want our team to know how much we appreciate each and every one of them- as professionals, and as individuals.”

The Captionmax Picture Wall is another way we live our core values– passion, creativity, curiosity, and trustworthiness– every day!