What is Multilanguage Dubbing?

Multilanguage Dubbing entails creating a translated version of a video for distribution in other countries or to non-native speakers. Captionmax works exclusively with native-speaking, in-territory resources in each target geography to accurately capture cultural language nuances. Captionmax manages the entire process, from scripting and casting to recording and mixing the final audio. We sync our new audio segments with your existing footage, keeping the dubbed version as close as possible to the original. Multilanguage dubbing is artistically and technically challenging, as the voice talent must not only deliver dialogue that matches the emotion and intent of the original but must also match the sounds of the target language to the movement of the speakers’ lips. Choosing Captionmax for your dubbing project takes the stress out of your planning while ensuring the final product is top-quality, accurate, and true to the source.

Who benefits from Multilanguage Dubbing?

  • Media and Entertainment: Television and movies with international audiences
  • Business: Training videos and internal communications to international resources
  • Government: Videos for multi-lingual communities
  • Education: University productions and training videos

How does Captionmax help?

  • Captionmax is committed to using in-territory, native speakers to make your content truly localized to its target audience. We consider every factor to ensure your content is culturally accurate and reliably communicated to viewers, maintaining the true artistic representation of any original program.
  • There are plenty of reasons to dub your videos. One of the most important reasons is that videos dubbed in a viewer’s native language significantly improve comprehension of complex content. At Captionmax we specialize in ensuring that the messages and concepts in your media are fully understood by your audience, no matter what language they speak.
  • Our accurate and detailed deliverables ensure that the dialogue maintains the emotion and intent of the original work while also matching the dubbing audio to the movement of the speaker’s lips.
  • Our commitment to quality, along with a seamless workflow, will take the stress and hassle out of the project.

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